“We believe everyone should have the opportunity to prioritise their health”


Helping you to feel your best is our primary goal

Prompt diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis by a specialist respiratory physician is the first step to feeling your best. Our aim is to provide prompt diagnosis following relevant testing so you can better understand your symptoms.

Honest communication

Honesty is vital with any successful relationship. Our aim is to build a safe environment where you feel comfortable discussing your health whilst trusting us to give you professional advice so you can make educated decisions.

Evidence-based treatment

Some respiratory conditions can be improved or cured with treatment. Our aim is to always use evidence-based treatment whilst first exploring the options that will give you the minimal discomfort possible.

Helping you manage your symptoms

Some respiratory conditions are life-long. Our aim is to help you manage your symptoms to live as normal life as possible by overcoming hurdles and connecting with other useful resources, such as other health professionals.

From consultation to after care

An initial consultation is the first step and aftercare follows diagnosis and treatment. Our aim is to be supportive, kind and caring throughout every stage of your care.

Treating you as an individual

Our aim is to treat you as an individual, not as a patient, taking into account your own unique circumstances and tailoring our expertise of respiratory health to suit your situation.

A consultation with Liberate Healthcare – what to expect

  • A comfortable consultation room, where you can feel at ease to discuss your health
  • An open channel of communication to express how you feel and discuss your symptoms without fear of embarrassment
  • Time to discuss your symptoms, health background and health concerns without being rushed
  • Highest levels of confidentiality
  • Promise to always keep you informed
  • Use of language that you understand and explanation of all medical terminology
  • Explanation in advance of any tests required for diagnosis
  • Treatment options, so you can make your own choices, with guidance from us on what we think would be the best route of care for you
  • Personal attention through all stages of your consultation and care
A specialist consultation gives your health the attention it deserves.